Breathe freedom. Eat peacefully.

How we breathe and how we eat have the most profound effect on our wellbeing. We hold great power in being at choice about the way we nourish our bodies. Use this power of choice to learn and practice effective breathing and nutrition, the keys to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health and vitality.

Breathe freedom

Explore your breath. Improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in joyful discovery using Transformational Breath®.

Eat peacefully

Learn to eat without guilt and to give your body the nourishment you really need through Mindful Eating.

Juice Energy

Discover the energizing and healing power of freshly juiced vegetables and fruits to fuel body and spirit with nature’s magical elixirs.

Love every breath. Love every bite.

Come with me on the journey towards a more vibrant, centered life! Learn with passion, understanding – and the crucial element of fun!